How To Make Friends When Traveling Solo

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I love traveling solo and has only started doing it last year. The liberating feeling, the interesting people, you can eat as often as you can, love it! A week before my first trip though I was worried that I would feel bored and lonely because I would be alone for 4 whole weeks. Bearing in mind, I am the type that enjoy my own company but I couldn’t shake the thought. Well I was worried for nothing. It is actually easier to meet people when traveling alone. I guess people see you as less intimidating in your own company and you are forced to interact with new people as well. I have met the most interesting people while traveling and sometimes all it takes is a simple “Hello” *cue Adele*.

Here’s three things you could do that will guarantee you to make friends when traveling solo:

1.Stay at Hostel

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Peter Cade/Iconica/Getty Image

Hostel normally would organize activities for the guests to bond. It could be cooking dinner together, sunset viewing, picnic or the most common, pub crawl. Participating in these activities creates a casual environment where it would be easy to strike up a conversation with someone. Easiest way to make friends is your roommates.

2. Be Friendly

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Tourists Spot. I strike up a lot of conversation and friendship just from getting asked to take photos at a tourist spot. The conversation would then go from there about where you are from, how long you would be on holiday for, any tips for great spot for food, you get the idea. I ended up spending my birthday last year with this girl and her friends that I met in the Pink Street in Portugal. She is from New York and a lot of fun! It helps that she is also a solo traveler.

3. Tinder

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Yes I am a Tinder Tourist. Best way to meet locals and those local hidden gems that only locals know. Having a cute companion is a bonus.I would definitely recommend it. Some of my most interesting experience while traveling was through Tinder! I had a fallafel breakfast Tinder date at L’As du Fallafel (Lenny Kravitz’s favourite fallafel’s place) in Paris and he ended up showing me around his favorite spot in the gorgeous city for the whole day.

How do you make friends while traveling? Leave some comments here!


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