How To Wear All Black

I am hands down an All Black girl. I am not trying to channel Wednesday (I like her though). I just love the look! It looks classy, edgy, it matches everything and hides everything! The color palette in my wardrobe pretty much consists of the color black, grey and navy blue. My go-to look would be black old rock T-Shirt, ripped skinny jeans, All Saints leather jacket and an ankle boots. If I could help it, I’d love to wear that all the time but people would probably think I only have one outfit and never wash them so I have to get creative. Let’s have a look at some of the best celebs all-black look for tips.


Tip 6: Edgy Is Your Middle Name An all-black ensemble lends itself nicely to a downtown look, a la Gisele Bundchen. Copy her off-duty outfit with a graphic sweatshirt (she’s wearing...
Photo: Splash News
  1. Go Edgy. The former Victoria Secret Model and Mrs. Tom Brady would look good in anything but this is one of my favorite look of hers.
Photographed by Mark Iantosca.

2. Pleats Please. Play with texture! The perfect texture adds an element of drama to a simple black outfit.

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.

3. Maxi Dress. A classic and versatile look. One that you can never go wrong with. You could dress it up with a black kitten pump and red lippie or you could dress it down by pairing an old sneakers and a splash of color like this one.

Photo: ALC
4. Off-duty lady boss. Loafers + culottes + crop top = Off-Duty Lady Boss.

Photographed by Youngjun Koo.

5. Jumpsuit. Ladies, if you ever come across an all-black jumpsuit that fits perfectly to your body. Buy it. Don’t even take one second to hesitate. I bought Rana Jumpsuit from SABA and I wear that to work, events on a date. It is very versatile and it is one of those outfit that I would wear when I need that extra confidence because I know I look good in it. Everyone need to have one of those outfit. What’s yours?

What is your all-black look? Share with us.




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