How To Release Pent Up Feelings


I am an introvert and I like to keep things to myself. On occasions, I find myself unable to find ways to release my pent up emotions and thoughts. Most of the time I tend to hold back what I want to say and felt. One day, I find myself overwhelmed with all these feelings and thought and have no way to vent it out. Then I came across a way to let it all out without needing to be mindful of anyone’s thoughts or feelings. I’ll let you know how I do it, but you are going to need a few things. The lists of things are as follow:

  • A cup of green tea (to relax and calm yourself)
  • A book/papers
  • Your favourite pen
  • A comfortable setting and ambience (but not your bed)

Once you have these you can start on what I am about to tell you to do. All you have to do are these 3 easy and simple things :

  1. Take a few calming deep breaths
  2. Take a few sips of tea
  3. Write all your feelings and thoughts

All you have to do is just to write. If words can’t seem to describe how you feel, then draw. Draw and write anything. It is a fact that writing and/or drawing your problems can actually be therapeutic, so this is what I am suggesting you to do.


Once you have written or drawn whatever that is bothering you, read it over. If it is on a paper, you can always do what I did. I CRUSH them! I crush the papers into a ball and make them as small as possible. This means that I going to squeeze all these problems that I’ve written them down and make them into the smallest balls of papers with all my might. Then I going to throw or kick them into the bin. If it’s written on a book, when you are done, put the book away so you could reflect on it from time to time. I actually did this so I could reflect on myself and look back on how much I’ve grown. It is pretty much like keeping a diary but everything that was written down was on the problems that I am struggling with.

Last note, when you write, it is better to write in third person so you can detach yourself and put a distance to it. Usually when you are done writing, you might be able to gain a new perspective.

This is one way where I let all my emotions out. It helps me cope with situations and I hope that it does the same to you.

How do you release pent up feelings? Share with us here!

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