How To Dress For Work During Pregnancy

How To Dress for Work during Pregnancy by Yasmin Ghaliya Sofyan

When I first found out I was pregnant, the idea of having to completely alter my wardrobe gave me such anxiety. I hated the thought of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for clothing that will realistically only be worn for the next 9 months, especially when 80% of my closet is dedicated to work outfits. Below are my practical tips for dressing for work, while pregnant.

1. Pregnancy does not always mean maternity wear!

In the early days of pregnancy, look for ways to extend the life of your existing wardrobe. Your straight leg pant no longer fitting around your waist? Use a rubber band or hair tie to give additional s-t-r-e-t-c-h across your expanding belly! A line or empire waist dresses can easily be worn into your second trimester. That jersey pencil skirt can last you longer than you think. My favourite outfit at the moment is utilising a stretch waist jumpsuit and just adjusting the waistline to above the baby belly – such a flattering style that doesn’t come from the maternity section.


2. Flaunt that bump!

Fight the urge to buy oversized sweater tops and grabbing items that are simply two sizes bigger than your usual size. More often than not, it will just make you look frumpy. Choose items that accentuate your new curves. This may mean transitioning from tailored suit pants and jackets, to more flowy work dresses. Online shopping will be your best friend here. Local department stores are hopeless when it comes to work friendly maternity clothes. H&M does a decent array, but ASOS is a godsend. Remember to shop your pre-preggo size for maternity clothes, as they already make allowances for your upgraded belly space and expanding chestal region.


3. Embrace the comfortable shoe!

I dreaded the day I had to give up my stylish Country Road black loafers for a pair of orthopaedic-friendly, arch supporting slip-ons.  But halfway into my second trimester, my swelling and aching feet were refusing to be squeezed into leather traps any more. Fortunately there are some options that allow you to find office-appropriate footwear with that extra comfort, but sadly, you will have to ditch those heels for the next few months. I went with a pair of Sketcher GoStep ballet-style flats, which on first glance looked a bit like nurse’s shoes. But I swear they are like walking on clouds, and give just enough stretch to accommodate for my swelling feet throughout the day.


Do you have any other tips for dressing up for work during pregnancy? Leave a comment here!  

About Author

Yasmin Ghaliya Sofyan is a Manager within Deloitte’s Information Management Consulting Practice and specialises within the Telecommunications Industry. Yasmin also holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School where she rounded her skill sets within strategy and finance.

More importantly, she is currently 25 weeks pregnant with her first daughter and will be welcoming her new bundle of joy in June. She is still stylish as ever at work and being pregnant only pushes her to be creative when it comes to dressing up for work. She is going through selection process of names of her baby girl so drop us a comment if you have any name suggestions.  



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