How To Win A Scholarship

How To Win A Scholarship by Adinda Meycy Aksari

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I got a quite reputable and generous scholarship two years ago and some people asked me how do I do it and whether I think luck plays its part here. Maybe! You cannot really explain the mathematics of getting a scholarship. But to me, getting a scholarship is similar to marketing or pitching yourself for a grant. You have to prepare a set of plan on how you are going to sell yourself so they would invest in you. Here are some tips you can follow:

1. Turn yourself into their ideal candidate from the start

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Think about a situation when a stranger gives you their CV who said they are the best mechanical engineer in your city. Would you instantly believe it? Maybe you would! If only he or she shows you their actual work in physical form and a certificate to proof it. Winning scholarship is the same way! Give them some real proof that you have been doing great job and tell them how their support would scale your capability up. A simple example is to show your academic achievement and grades as well as your career history. This is clear evidence to them and that is why you always have to do well in whatever you do because it would leave a mark. If you are intending to apply for a course that is different to your career, try to work voluntarily on a project that is similar to your course to show your clear intention.

2. Investigate the real purpose of your scholarship program
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Many of the government-scholarship programs have their own agenda in addition to help you achieving your dreams. You would easily identify the purpose as they would state it clearly. For example a ‘Young Leaders Awards’ is mostly intended for anyone who has a proven leadership track and would have a great potential of being a future leader in a certain industry. Some other scholarship might hide their intention. Let’s say that XYZ Scholarship requires you to sigstrategyn a contract that you would return to your home country or to work in certain industry. This might mean that they want you to be their network to help them increasing the cooperation between two countries. In this case, you might have to show your future detail plan of doing a business or activities that would increase the cooperation.

3. Give them a glimpse of your future ‘masterplan’

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This strategy is like putting a cherry on top of your cocktail. You have shown them a real evidence of your quality in form of past achievements and experience. You also have studied what they want and tailored yourself to meet their interest. So the next step you need to do is to state how you are going to use the new knowledge to your and their advantages.

Make a clear, reasonable and achievable plan. For example, if you would study about childhood education, you can make a plan of returning to your kindergarten school to introduce new approach of teaching kids.

Frankly speaking, scholarship is a form of investment so you have to market yourself on how you would bring great benefit not only to yourself, to the scholarship program but also to your communities. The more you can show this, the bigger the chance of getting a scholarship.

About Author

Adinda Meycy Aksari is originally from Indonesia and won an Australian Awards Scholarship from the Australian Government to study Master of Environment for two years in Melbourne University. Her thesis is about Private car users’ perception towards mode shift to Bus Rapid Transit system in Jakarta. Her favourite Thriller movie of all time is Split. 

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