How To Escape From An Awkward Social Situation

You know when you’re talking to someone at a party and the conversation drops because you can’t think of anything interesting to say? You mboth chuckle, smile, nod left, nod right, and finally, heartbreakingly, say “yyyep”. Say no more. Bookmark this article because I am about to tell you three fail-proof ways to escape that awkward situation. 
  1. Excuse Yourself

This works every time. Simply excuse yourself. 
It is as simple as saying the following:
– “Excuse me for a sec. I’m just gonna get another drink”, or
– “Excuse me. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom”
The trick here is to not wait for their response and make a quick dash as soon as you finish your sentence. Why? Because they might say “Okay, I’ll come with you”. Although it is highly unlikely if your conversation partner is of opposite sex and they say “I’ll come with you” to the bathroom excuse, unless they’re a creep.
2. Introduce someone else

Neil Conway, Creative Commons
Spot someone you know in the crowd and introduce them to your conversation partner. Preferably someone that you think share common interest with your conversation partner.
This will go somewhere along the line:
 You: “Oh hey that’s James. *signal for him to come over*. You have to meet James, he also loves diving and traveled across Indonesia for 6 months to explore the diving sites!”
*James comes over*
You to James: “Hey James, meet Amanda. Amanda was thinking about going to Indonesia to explore the diving sites and I was just telling her how you did your big trip last year.”
*let them talk for 20 seconds*
You: See step number 1.
Hey for all you know, this could be the start of something beautiful for James and Amanda. If not, refer James to Step number 1.
3. Be sincere

If there is nobody around, say “It’s been lovely talking to you James. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, but there are a lot of people here and I’ve been monopolising you. I hope our paths cross again. Wish you all the best.”

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