How to Survive Those First Weeks After Giving Birth

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Coming home with your first baby, after that long battle of giving birth, can be very daunting experience. Sleep deprivation, hormones, and this small person who cannot tell you why they are crying can all contribute to making you feel like saying “what have we done?!”.

There are several good old proven tips that we’re already familiar about; such as getting some sleep when the babies are asleep, drink plenty of water, eat nutritional food, ask for support from partner/parents etc. However in here I will give you some unique tips that I found really helpful based on my own experiences. Hopefully it can make the whole journey a little bit easier.

Mother’s Group

As an outdoorsy person (at least I would like to think I am :D), being stuck at home is one thing that I couldn’t handle really well at first. That is why I joined a lot of groups recommended by the midwives (and you can always check your own council’s website and see what they have to offer) such as Parents Group, Babies Play & Activity Sessions, and even Pram Walk group. On top of that, every other weekend me and my husband always try to make some times to go out, like picnic on the nearby park, mini road trip or even do some hiking!

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Here’s some websites that hopefully can give you inspirations:

If you find that pram walking or outdoor adventuring is not your cup of tea, just walk to the nearby park or do some grocery shopping in your local shopping centres also help. I know it’s not a simple thing to bring a baby out, but trust me, getting out from the house does make a difference. A LOT. It will help you and your mind to relax more and gives you some kind of mini escape- so that you don’t feel trapped within those walls over and over again.

Invest in bath products

Yep. You will find that bath time is so precious now and probably going to be the best me-time you can get for a while. My advice is when it’s your partner/parents turn to take care of the baby, always set aside 10/15 minutes of those time to be a bath time. I have been buying stuff from Lush (their bath bombs are THE BOMB) and Mecca, and my bath has been nothing but blissful! Here’s the link:

This little me time is a mood-changer and it will definitely lift your spirit up especially when you find yourself smelling nothing but good 😀

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Take a deep breath.

Since day 1 in the hospital, one thing that the midwives keep emphasizing to me is for me to always ask myself, “am I okay?”

If you still feel that it’s too god damn overwhelming, take 5 minutes time out for yourself- just to sit and breathe. This breathing exercise (that you should already be familiar with!) is good not only for the birthing part itself, I found myself constantly do this exercise every now and then. This helps a lot in maintaining my composure and sanity.

**More tips: You can also put those earphones and turn some music on. Especially if baby is crying inconsolably, take 5-10 minutes away will make a difference. Don’t worry, as stressful as it is, and that even if you can’t respond right away, your baby is not going to harm herself from crying.

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It is a big adjustment indeed, but this period won’t last forever (and probably you’re gonna actually miss this bit further down the road!).

After all, always remember, this too shall pass.

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