How To Take Significantly Better iPhone Photos

how to take better pic
Photo credit: Collective Hub

Remember when you used to take a digital camera on holidays? Yeah, us neither. The pervasiveness of our smartphones has mostly rendered any other camera redundant – after all, if you visit an idyllic location and don’t put it on Instagram, did it even happen?

But if your following is a little on the light side, don’t worry. Apple has dropped an entire website dedicated to helping you take photographs that will have the punters liking. From backlit subjects to capturing a panorama, here are some of our favourite ways to optimise snapshots.

  1. Nailing a perfect panorama
Image result for iphone panorama shot
Photo Credit: BGR

Envy-inducing holiday snaps are so much more impressive when a panorama is involved. To take a vertical panorama, though, Apple suggests starting in landscape, then selecting pano mode, then starting your pan from the bottom, head slowly upwards, capturing the lengthy scene carefully. Et voilà! You’ve got the most unique shot on the feed.

2. Getting super creative with lighting

Image result for iphone camera adjust lightning
Photo credit: Megan Murray

Convince your pals you’re going into photography by making use of dramatic street lighting to capture your next unsuspecting subject. First off, turn that flash off – no-one wants red eye. Then, touch the screen to grab focus, and adjust the exposure next to the sun symbol. Once you’re steady, you’re good to go.

3. Snapping squad memories to remember

You might want to capture spontaneity with this shot, but you still want everyone’s faces in focus. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to switch the setting to ‘portrait’ mode. But most importantly, don’t press the capture button until the boxes that frame the faces have turned yellow. Only then are you good to go.

4. Making the most of a sunset

Image result for sunset take iphone photo
Photo credit: Manfrotto

Depending on your creativity level, you might be looking for something further than an indistinct black outline on your snaps.

The secret here is that when you tap the screen to lock the focus, there’s an option to lower or heighten the exposure level. Find your sweet spot and shoot.

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Original article written by Bridget De Maine in Collective Hub.

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